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Whose jobs are these?

These jobs are posted by our clients, who make up the UK’s largest pub companies. An updated list of our current clients is available on our homepage at justpay.co.uk

When will I hear back from JustPay after my application?

If a job application is successful, you will receive a job offer by push notification directly to your device.
Our mobile app shows all jobs applied for and if you was unsuccessful. This is stored in the "Applications" part of the app (tick icon on vacancies menu).

Why can't I apply for all jobs?

You can only apply for jobs that match the acts/services you provide in your profile. If an act/service isn’t in your profile, it is reasonably assumed that you do not provide this service. So it's important to spend time perfecting your profile!

How can I find suitable jobs to apply for?

Vacancies can be refined using our filter and search functions. 'Filter by my profile' will filter for your given act types, and your given distance from your based postcode (quickly removing all jobs that aren’t suited for you). You can also filter by date and fee, helping you find work at the right place and at the right time. Search allows you to find jobs with your given search term in the following fields: title, description, act, town and postcode.

What are Featured jobs?

These are jobs that we have chosen to spotlight to all JustPay users. This could be due to various reasons, such as the job being of high importance or a last minute request.

What does 'Filter by my Profile' do?

Filter by my profile will filter for your given act types and your given distance from your based postcode (quickly removing jobs that aren’t suited for you).

My Jobs

What will I find in my to do section?

Tasks that require your attention will appear here. These include job offers and payment requests. We would advise clearing the tasks in your 'To Do' as soon as possible.

Why has my added job been rejected?

Added jobs can be rejected for different reasons: you have input the wrong details, the manager disagrees with the details you have provided, etc - we will reach out to you when this happens.

Why can't I find a venue on your app?

If you cannot find a venue our our database, then we do not currently cover that site.


When will I be paid for my completed job?

Payment terms are set by our clients. Payments are sent on Fridays and typically paid three weeks after the completed job. All jobs require manager approval before they can paid.

Why has my payment request been rejected?

Payment requests can be rejected for different reasons: you have input the wrong details, the manager disagrees with the details you have provided, the manager doesn’t approve the job, etc - we will reach out to you when this happens.

How do I view my payment history?

The Payments page will display your full JustPay payment history, with your most recent payment at the top. Tapping these cards will expand them to show the job date, venue and payment breakdown.

How do I download my invoice?

Invoices are available to download on the expanded view of your Payment cards.


What if the act/service I perform is not available to select?

If the service you deliver is not available for selection, please input this text into the 'Other' field and let us know. We can update this for you.

Why do I need a profile if I am not applying for vacancies?

The minimum profile that we require includes your act name, act type(s), based location, travel distance, and at least one photo.

Who can see my profile?

The JustPay team can see your profile at all times. The venue you have applied for can see you profile as soon as you apply and venues you have previously worked at and been paid for can see your profile too.


How do I change my contact information/business details?

We require that you contact us with a request to update these details if they change. This is available through our Support chat within the app. We do this because we verify these details on registration and if they change we will need to re-verify them.

How can I get in touch with JustPay?

We are available to contact via our in app Support chat, by email on support@justpay.co.uk or contact us by telephone on 0208 669 6849

How do I delete or deactivate my account?

This is possible in the More section of the app. Tap delete account and reconfirm. You can also request your account to be deleted by sending us an email at support@justpay.co.uk with details of your username (usually email address).

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